Developers The Crosby Miami Worldcenter

Related Group – main of the developers The Crosby Miami Worldcenter

Real Estate Development & Lifestyle Company

The Related Group has enhanced skylines with iconic developments for over 40 years. Also transforming ordinary buildings into extraordinary and vibrant residential environments. This company is celebrated for its innovative design, inclusive approach, and enduring quality, through partnerships with world-renowned architects, designers, and artists.

“Related properties are built through creative collaborations. In every building erected, we’ve brought the best designers, artists, and architects to create a noteworthy addition to the urban landscape.”

– Jorge M. Peréz


Merrimac Ventures – one of the main Developers The Crosby Miami Worldcenter.

Merrimac Ventures is a Real Estate investment and development firm

Company primary focus is on prime resort and mixed-use development. But also has extensive investments in multi-family residential, condominiums, retail and office.

Partners in Merrimac Ventures hold assets in over $3B in projects. This projects including Miami Worldcenter, the Four Seasons Hotel and Private Residences Fort Lauderdale, The Gale Boutique Hotel and Residences, Paramount Fort Lauderdale Beach, Broadstone Oceanside in Pompano Beach and the Flagler Village Hotel, among others.


Cohen Freedman Encinosa – included in the developers The Crosby Miami Worldcenter as architects.

Architecture and construction administration firm that has provided architectural services

For more than four decades, CFE Architects has been providing creative, unique, and original design solutions for clients. They mixed-use residential and commercial projects, both mid and hi-rise, have been at the core of our practice for many years.

CFE located in Miami Lakes. She’s concentrated its work in South Florida adding unique architecture to the skyline and enhancing the pedestrian environment.


Avro|KO – included in the developers The Crosby Miami Worldcenter as interior designer.

Innovative design firm

Over the last two decades, AvroKO has earned a reputation as one of the most impactful and influential design firms in the hospitality field. The group was founded in 2001 by four partners – Kristina O’Neal, William Harris, Greg Bradshaw, and Adam Farmerie. She’s is now operating with offices in New York City, San Francisco, London and Bangkok with over 200 employees.

The AvroKO’s significant portfolio of interior design work has been highly praised by critics. The portfolio expresses a lively conversation between the ideals of the past and non-standard feelings that point to the future. There is also a link between cultural memory and social interaction, as well as between the physical, emotional and psychological spheres.